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I was in Dallas, Texas for a preview of the Eternale™ Beauty Device. I was very excited to have a session at the presentation. My experience was I felt like something was pulling upward from my head, I thought this was due to me trying to concentrate on relaxing during the demonstration.

When I came back from Dallas I went to visit a couple of my friends and Co-Workers. As soon as I walked in one of them said “What did you to in to your face in Dallas?” I thought he must not have been talking to me, as I was tired and did not feel very good. I shrugged off his question and we went on about our business.

The very next day he called me up to ask me again what I had done to my face, I couldn’t believe it he was so adamant about my face, so I told him about the Eternale™ Beauty Device…-Teresa  Q.  Calif.

Individual Results May Vary Clients enjoy 1 or 2 sessions per week for several weeks.

Many clients experience noticeable changes after the 1rst session!

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